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Heated Lash Curler

$29.00 USD


Adopt an upgraded version of the unique Nickle-chromium heating wire, the eyelash curler can curl lashes with high temperatures, fast and no worry for the safety.

Durable, circular lash curler comb, curls and styles lashes from base to tip without crimping or pinching.

High & low temperature levels meet different regions and temperature of the user’s demand.

2 levels temperature design, yellow indicator is for low temperature, green is for high.

Does not harm real lashes. Safe & long- lasting

Curved design brush head can fit eyelash curvature perfectly and offer obvious curling effect.

Use with mascara together, the effect will be even better!


  1. remove the protective cover, press the switch button, the indicator light shows that the product starts to work. Level 1 is low temp (yellow) level 2 is high temp (green)
  2. Apply mascara evenly before use.
  3. Chose the level based on your demand
  4. Once extremely warm, you can use the product when sensor changes to red.
  5. Put the heated lash curler head on eyelash, wait a few seconds, curl the lash from down to up. The the roots, the middle and the tails, and lift each section for 3-5 seconds.
  6. Turn off the switch after use and put cover back on. If you need to clean comb, wipe it with soft cloth or paper towel. DO NOT WASH IT.